Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland (CRSBI )

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A project to photograph and catalogue the wealth of surviving sculpture, both religious and secular, produced in Great Britain and Ireland within the period c.1050-1200. The objective is to achieve a fully searchable database to which scholars will have access via the Internet or dedicated terminals and which will also be capable of generating a variety of forms of publication, both conventional and electronic.

Start date
Research project in progress
Table of Participants in the Project, giving name, role, institution and department for each person listed
Participant Role of participant Institution Department
Professor Sandy Heslop Principal Investigator University of East Anglia
Professor Harold Short Technical Research Director King's College London Centre for Computing in the Humanities
Arts and Humanities Research Council, British Academy, Henry Moore Foundation, Heritage Council of Ireland, Courtauld Institute of Art
Art history
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